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The R&D category houses discussions and proposals related to Qredo’s Research & Development efforts led by Qredo Labs.

We focus on a variety of cutting-edge topics in the blockchain space, including but not limited to Zero-Knowledge Proofs, WebAssembly, Formal Verification, Homomorphic Encryption, Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized Identity, and Stateless Blockchains.

Your expertise and contributions can drive innovation, furthering our pursuit of technological excellence.

Would Qredo ever every consider building enterprise blockchains or sell version of it’s network and software to enterprises. Estonia has leveraged blockchain technology over the last decade to bring efficiency in public services. Qredo DMPC could also help governments, industries and other areas.

Although this would bring no value to token it would assist with the adoption of blockchain technology to key global stakeholders and also bring publicity/interest to Qredo public network.

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