Welcome to Open Custody Protocol Governance Community!

Greetings and a warm welcome to all!

We are incredibly excited to have you here. This forum is more than just a space to discuss and engage, it’s the cradle of improvement for our protocol, a place where ideas are born, nurtured and developed into significant upgrades that drive us forward.

Every proposal, every thought that shapes the future of the Qredo protocol will have its roots here, regardless of whether it originates from the core Qredo team or from our talented and diverse community members. We believe that every voice has the potential to make a meaningful contribution and it’s our aim to foster a space that amplifies these voices and turns ideas into reality.

We should make clear at this point that we are focusing on the decentralization of the Qredo custody protocol, not the Qredo platform (app). This initiative is directed at empowering you, the community, to take the helm of our protocol’s direction.

Our goal is to create a protocol that is governed by the community, for the community. We aspire not just to involve our community in governance but to entrust it entirely into your capable hands. Yes, you heard it right. It’s not about governance with the community, but governance by the community, of which we are just a part.

We acknowledge that we have not transitioned to a full DAO yet, but this forum is a significant step in that direction. We have a vision of a gradual transition where we increase community involvement to the point where every decision about the protocol, and every line in the roadmap is shaped and decided by you, the community. Starting from prioritizing tasks and projects to fully determining the direction and scope of our journey, we are committed to creating an environment that encourages active participation.

This forum is also a stepping stone towards the future management of our DAO, a place where proposals are first mooted, dissected, and refined before they make their way into the formal voting process.

So, let’s begin this journey together, towards a future where each of us has a say in the path that Qredo takes. We look forward to your ideas, your suggestions, and your criticisms – because every step we take together brings us closer to a fully community-driven, decentralized future.

Welcome to the Qredo Governance Forum. Let’s shape the future of Qredo together!


What % of service fees go to OPEX Vs ecosystem fund…will the team provide a breakdown so we can forecast? Also what is considered a ‘tipping’ fee


Good day. I’m seeking some clarification regarding Qredo changing to OPEN. I have Qredo currently in my Trust Wallet, Firstly has Trust Wallet changed the ticker to open as yet ? If not do you know when. If they have when was this done as mine hasn’t changed, deposited into trust wallet about 4 days ago. One last thing can we send Qredo to different exchanges or wallets that have already switched to OPEN or will they be lost as it’s the same address ? Thankyou for any updates and it’s much appreciated. I love this project :smile: